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Weekly Devotions

St. Andrew's is focused on providing opportunities for all to experience the love and grace of Jesus. We offer a variety of ministries that allow everyone to grow closer to God.

Each Wednesday, a devotion is posted here, sent via email to our email list and also posted on our Facebook page. If you would like to be part of our email list please contact the church office. In addition, check out past Devotions on our Facebook page. 

I often receive feedback that the devotions are rich in content and are complex. Reading devotions whether short and concise or longer and complicated should never be read once quickly. All types of devotions should be read multiple times using contemplation, reflection and pausing. In those spaces of contemplation and reflection we experience the Holy Spirit interacting with us. Sometimes, individuals will reach out and provide their thoughts and reflections on their devotion. My intent has always been to create a dialogue. So read these in the way that best works for you to experience the Holy Spirit and create a dialogue with others in our community.

Wednesday November 30th, 2022

Advent is here as we embark on a new church calendar! What does advent mean to you? In fact take time to ponder that question. Maybe write down your answer than go back to the question hours or a day later and explore other answers to the question. During this advent, take time to consider the meaning of advent to you and what does it do for you to act loving towards others.

Names of God

This four-part advent devotion series examines the various names of God and the meaning of those names. Advent is a time of preparing for what is to come. What is to come? What does those four words mean to you? Where does your mind wander and focus on?

During this advent season, intentionally take time to ponder your relationship with God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit. What are you waiting for to come from God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit? Is what you are waiting for what God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit has for you? Or is there something else that is coming your way from God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit that you need and you are missing it?

The Names of God: I AM; Bread of Life, The Way

When I think of Advent, I thinking of preparing for how the celebration of the birth of Jesus will affect me this year. Will I forgive myself enough to fully embrace Jesus in my life? Will and can I forgive those that harm me to be able to act out of love to them?

The Way, a name of God that reminds me that following God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit means I am walking on a journey of a certain way. During advent is a time for me to consider how often I strayed from the way – where I followed myself and not God. I consider how others have impacted me and my responses were not of the way. Can you relate? During this advent can you prepare to walk the way in your anger, concerns, illness, struggles, traumas, etc.?

Bread of Life, a name of God that reminds me that God/Jesus/Holy Spirit is a source of sustenance. During advent is a time for me to consider how often I have taken this sustenance or chosen the sustenance of this world. What about you? Do you rest your sustenance in God/Jesus/Holy Spirit or in other things? During this advent can you prepare to live only on God’s sustenance?

I Am, a name of God that reminds me of the fullness of God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. A fullness I can’t ever comprehend. During advent is a time for me to consider how often I limit God/Jesus/Holy Spirit in my life. What about you? Where do you limit God? During this advent can you prepare to realize the fullness of God and leave behind where you limit God?

Oh God who is The Way, Bread of Life, and I Am I tend to let the world win and be first in my life. During this advent season, help me to make You first so I can walk The Way in confidence, healing and love sustained by the Bread of Life resting completely in You! Amen.

by Rev Dave Piltz